A Great Place to Start

Our Garden Consultations are the perfect place to start in your yard renovation plans.  You can ask questions and get ideas for your location.  We'll help assess your wants and needs, and give you ideas you might not have thought of.  We love giving our customer a fresh take on their yard and how to make it even better.

A Solid Plan

During the consultation we'll help you make a plan for moving forward.  You can take these ideas and implement them on your own, or you can hire us to create a Landscape Design based on your unique needs.  Be sure to ask us how your Consultation fee can apply to your Landscape Design.

Landscape Designs

We create beautiful one- of-a-kind designs for our customers that are filled with color from the watercolors we use, giving you a great idea of the foliage and flower color, and hardscape colors of your new landscape.  We can even create 3D designs and walk-throughs.


Our Services


Our customers rave about our gorgeous hand painted watercolor designs.  So many people tell us that it really gave them an idea of the colors and patterns that will be used in their yard.  And it's not only the beauty of the watercolor, but the thoughtful placement of patios and plants to use your space to it's fullest.

Just Like the Painting!

It is such a joy to see these designs come to life.  Our customers are happy to see the watercolors jump off the page and be translated into a yard that they love  All of our Landscape Designs are complete with plant list & sizes, hardscape materials, and accessories for your yard. Your Landscape Design will provide the road map to your new yard.


One Stop Shop

Through our exclusive network of suppliers (think plants, furniture, lighting, patio covers, fountains & accessories) and our community of contractors, we can help bring your entire project to life.  We'll help you get every detail together and installed in your yard.


We'll manage your project so you don't have to.  We'll take care of scheduling and coordinating the deliveries and contractors.  We'll be the point person for questions and work towards ensuring you get an installation that lines up with your design.

Skilled Workmanship

When using drought tolerant and native plants, as well as traditional landscaping, a special touch is needed to maintain the health and beauty of your landscape.  We provide the knowledge and skill necessary for your yard's maintenance, regardless of the type of plants installed.


We know that you have a busy life, and we want to make sure that your yard maintenance doesn't become a hassle for you.  We arrive when we say we will, and we do the job right - exactly what you want from your landscape maintenance!


We provide onsite consulting starting at $175 for up to two hours of personal consulting.  This a very fun and collaborative process that helps you to solidify your landscape needs. Ask us how you can apply your consultation fee  as a credit toward a Landscape Design!

Landscape Designs



We want your yard to look great for years to come and our professionals will help keep your garden in top shape.  We can schedule your maintenance weekly, every other week, monthly or just an annual pruning or a refresh of your yard.


Our exclusive network of suppliers and contractors will provide you with a complete installation of your landscape Design.  We can manage your project for you to ensure it meets your design criteria.