Our Designs

Something Special

Our designs rise above the rest, not only because of the beauty and color presented in our hand-drawn and painted watercolors, but also because of our attention to detail, use of lush drought tolerant plants, and inclusion of all the special touches that make a yard truly special.  Many of our customers choose to frame these one-of-a-kind works of art .

Pure Lines

For our customers that just want a plan and a plant list, we can create black and white drawings or computer assisted designs.  All of our designs, whether hand drawn or computer assisted drawn, are created in a complete scaled drawing. We are ready to provide whatever you need!

State of the Art

We also offer 3D images and 3D walk-through designs for those that want to be immersed in the landscape design experience. We can take a photo of your home and overlay 3D plant images to give you an idea of the end result. From our 3D Designs we also create color and/or black and white installation plans with plant and hardscape details. 

It's the Little Things

We love the details!  The special little surprises when you walk around a corner or a beautiful view in the distance.  We love creating designs that showcase special features of your yard, and adding wonderful touches where none existed before. 

Samples from Realtime Landscape Architecture software.

Special Touches

We work really closely with our customers to create a yard that they truly love.  We bring in our expertise to add those special touches that make your yard perfect for you.  Whether its a creative way to hide the ugly AC unit, or a special spot for enjoying your coffee, or even giving you a beautiful view from your kitchen window - we care about the details.  We know that the details are what will create a space that you will love for years to come.  We want your design to be perfect for you!

Our Details

Plant Lists & Plant Key

All of our Complete Landscape Designs include a full plant list with both common and scientific names, a plant key, and the size of the plant to be installed. We walk our customers through a slide show of all the plants that will be featured in their yard, and can provide printed color photos for our customers upon request.

Installation Ready

All our designs are based on detailed on-site measurements of your location.  The designs are drawn to scale and are ready to be used by the customer or installer to determine location of plants, size of patios, walkways, etc