LED Lighting

We use exclusively all LED Lighting on our outdoor lighting designs.  We strive to reduce power consumption and always work toward environmentally friendly light usage and appropriate timers and automatic light sensors.

Local Experience

Our designers and contractors are experienced working throughout Orange County and provide valuable local knowledge of plants and planning departments.       

Supporting the Environment

We give to numerous nonprofit groups that help support a healthy environment for us all.  We are dedicated to helping support clean air, clean water & beaches, and beautiful healthy private & public spaces.

Our Environmental Impact

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Professional Memberships

We are members of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers and members of numerous landscape networks.  Our experience and networks provide a great resource for you.

Member of the California Native Plant Society

Provides ongoing access to native plant strategies & growth.  Promotes the use of native plants in private and public landscapes.


We recycle all plastics, cardboard, metal wire, and any other recyclable items from all of our jobs.  All plant pots that can be recycled are returned to our plant vendors to be reused, which reduces the need for new plant pots to be created, thus reducing our environmental impact.

Our History

Professional Member of the APLD

Hardscape, Landscape, Lighting and Outdoor Decor & Furniture

Our Expertise: natives, drought tolerant, edibles, and more!

Giving 10% Back

We donate a full 10% of all our profit to non-profit groups that help the environment, at-risk youth and foster children, mothers and children facing abuse, and the homeless in Orange County, CA and Los Angeles.  We care about our community and want to make a positive impact on the world around us.       

Our Vision

Our Community

Any Need

Whether you want us to come and help answer some questions about your yard or complete design & installation, we can help!                 

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Volunteer Work

We donate our time and expertise to help design, build and install water-wise plants and community gardens.   We are working with our local PTA and school to install a new orchard and edible gardens!          

We strive to help transform yards and business spaces to beautiful gardens that utilize the location and space in the best possible way.  We want each design to reflect the style and needs of the customer.  Ultimately, we want to work in environmentally friendly ways to create a "Perfect Circle" of sustainable gardens.

Your Perfect Garden

Our goal is simple: To help you create a yard or business space that is perfect for you and your location.

Member of Landscape Architect
& Designer Group

A network of professional that field test plants & share information. Continuing education & current trends

Expertise: field testing plants

Perfect Circle Gardens grew out a love for gardening, reducing waste, and making things more beautiful.  Our gardening roots go back many years, but it was the transformation of a boring, suburban grass yard that really launched our company.  A passion for transforming garden clippings & kitchen scraps into rich compost for the soil, and in turn, creating "home grown" fruits & veggies, while still making it all look beautiful was the underlying theme.  When a friend said "Your creating a Perfect Circle in your Garden!", we knew we were onto something special!

Our Strength

Drip & MP Rotators

We use drip irrigation and smart water MP Rotators, automatic irrigation timer and rain sensors to help reduce the use of water by our customers.  We also employ smart planting techniques to reduce runoff and encourage ground water replenishment.


Our office composts all of our kitchen, coffee and tea waste and turns it into rich soil to use in our demonstration gardens.  We are proud that we have reduced so much of our waste, and we continue to look for ways to streamline and reduce.

School Partnership

We are a Career Exploration partner with our local school to help students learn about landscape design & sustainability.  We offer lectures, teaching & real-world problems for the students to solve.

Our Memberships